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              CURRENT RESEARCH 

                      Caring in Alzheimer’s                                                                              

We need first language English speakers from Ireland 

Respondents who are caring for a patient with Alzheimer’s

We need 5 carers aged 18 years +

€TBC per participant.

  • We need you to check the quality and content of the English of a questionnaire destined for carers
  • Are the questions clear? Would you change any of the language?
  • Would you add any questions?
  • Is the layout ok?  Would you change anything in this questionnaire?

                    Do you want  to make a real contribution to medical research?

  • Help assess the language of questionnaires  in advance before use in clinical settings

  • Check the quality of the English language of research questionnaires

This is a phone interview.

Payment of €TBC  per participant. Typically €30-40 or equivalent contribution to the charity of your choosing.

Questionnaires last between 30 and 40 mins max. Approximate estimate.

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Consent forms will be required.

For further information or any questions email

or call Siobhan + 353 89 9752676.

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